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**Introduction to R** R is a popular tool for data analysis and statistical computing, and is a great alternative to tools like SPSS, Stata, or Excel. R is free and designed for reproducible research. This workshop will teach you how to get started using R to explore and clean your data. We will focus on issues social scientists often encounter when using data in R. **This workshop will cover how to:** - Create an R script (syntax/command file) to capture data cleaning steps in a reproducible way - Load a comma-delimited spreadsheet (.csv) into R as a dataset - View and examine data in R - Check and correct missing values, rename variables, create new variables, and recode values in the data - Save cleaned data file in formats for later use in R or other applications **To be successful, you should have:** - A familiarity with data used in the social sciences - A familiarity with another statistical or data processing tool, such as SPSS, Stata, SAS, or Excel - A laptop you can bring to the workshop, with R ( and RStudio ( installed. 02/07/2020